School ended at 3pm for me and Lian. We went to Orchard for a walk. Lian wanted to go Kinokoniya at Ngee Ang City and HMV to look for her stuffs. At first she told me she wanted to go buy jeans, but she say school work more important, so we end up going to Orchard.

Came home to put down my bag and rest for a while before meeting my secondary school friends at Tiong Bahru Plaza for our CNY reunion dinner. 12 of them came, including our “long lost” friend, Lucas, who went to LA to study and he just came back for a vacation today at about 1pm. He will be leaving on Friday, 9.45am flight.

We had our dinner at Boon Tong Kee and did some “lou hei”, dinner cost about $86 per table, we had 2 tables. So expensive, but once a year once, it is still ok.

We proceed to River HongBao after that which is located next to Esplanade. Took 2 rides there, Music Dance(my favourite) and Viking. Cost me $10 bucks for both ride.

Sat down along the stone benches along the outside of Esplanade for a talk before proceeding home. Took some pictures, will be uploading them when I am free.

A very tiring day for me, maybe not enough sleep. Tomorrow also another long day for me till 6pm. Will be collecting my C&C Generals tomorrow, it is the official launch date. Hope my teacher let us off early. Hehe