School ended at 5.30pm, considered early, it not it is at 6pm. Well this lesson of PCT last longer because some of my coursemates which I don’t know who, feedback during the dialog session that our PCT lecturer is going too fast and always release us so early. I don’t even know how come got people complain if lecturer release us early. Weird.

Anyway, went to Funan after that to collect my C&C Generals, took the US box, paid $54.90 for it as I had paid $10 for the deposit. Got a mouse-pad(inside the box) and a t-shirt, wonder if it comes with poster or not, because I didn’t receive it.

Lian and I was hungry, so we went to eat Pasta Mania at level 1, we shared a plate of Creamy Chicken Pasta as both of us need to go home for dinner.

Came back installed Generals, didn’t know it takes up more than 1.5GB of your HDD, I uninstalled some old games to free the space. LOL. Played the training mission followed by the 1st mission of China to test out the game. Wow, I am impressed with the graphics and the gameplay. It is solid, better than previous C&C games. But it is laggy on my computer with a GeForce 3. Will be changing to GeForce 4 Ti4600 by the end of this month, thus there will be no lag. =D

Tomorrow is Hari Raya Haji, public holiday for all of us. Lian and I wishes all Muslims a Happy Hari Raya Haji =D