Today is Hari Raya Haji, public holiday for all of us. I woke up at 1.30pm, called Lucas to ask him where is he, he told me he wants to go Suntec.

Ate my lunch although it suppose to be my breakfast. Met him and a few or my friends including Shaun at about 3pm in around Suntec Area.

Walked round City Link and Suntec until we are all tired and sat down at MacDonalds in Suntec and we talk about those old times when we were together. I realised that all of us had changed alot. When he come back again which is about in 3 years time, some of us will be in NS, some will be in University and some will be working. How time flies.

Left Suntec and we proceed to the hotel where Lucas stayed, when to his room to look-see look-see. We left about 7pm, where he went to play basketball with my other secondary school friends. Shaun, David and I went to Cineleisure L2 for a walk. It is something like Hereen’s Annex, but it has so little shops, nothing much to see at all.

Went for dinner at The Nudle Bar at Hereen, ate the Fried Black Pepper Beef Ramen there. It is good but spicy. LOL. They gave us a $5 voucher after that.

2 more days till Valentine’s Day. Hehe, will be eating Sakae Sushi on VDay with Lian of course, if alot of people, think we will eat The Nudle Bar. =D

Those people reading this blog, please don’t go Sakae Sushi on Friday. LOL

PS: The photos for the CNY Dinner 2003 is out in the gallery section, and btw 3D Mark 2003 is out too.