Today is Valentine’s Day, school ended at 1pm for me(self declared). I got short memory. 1st I forgot that I have ordered a valentine’s day gift from my friend’s club and need to collect it today. If not for Klaus, think I totally forget about it. 2nd, I forgot to bring the voucher for Sakae Sushi, thus we went back home to take the vouchers before proceeding to Sakae Sushi at Hereen. We will be having the sushi buffet at student price. Hehe

Met Klaus and his girlfriend there too, thus we sat together in a 4 persons table rather that the “counter seat”, where it is so cramp. The restaurant was crowded, almost all couples. Even on the streets of Orchard Road, so many couple and so many people carrying flowers around. LOL

We parted after the lunch, Lian and I proceed to Cineleisure to watch Final Destination 2. Show lasted about 100 minutes. The show was quite good accept that it is very very gruesome and gory, but well I expected it, since the first one was like that too and further more it is NC16.

First time celebrating Valentine’s Day, feel so happy. Hehe

Got makeup lessons tomorrow at 9.30am till 12pm and after that still got project discussion. Stress is coming.