Today, last day of Chinese New Year, 15th day of the lunar month, also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day(according to my dad). Didn’t know that until my parents told me. LOL

Went for makeup lessons at 9.30am, well, the lecturer was very late and he cancelled the lesson. If not I can sleep longer. LOL. Went for the 2nd make-up lesson after that till 12pm.

Lian and I went to Orchard Road after that to look-see look see. Had our lunch at The Nudle Bar, at first Lian wanted Kenny Rogers at Suntec, but I was quite sick of the food there, so in the end we settle it at The Nudle Bar.

Went back home after that, completed the last mission of China before taking a very short nap.

Dinner was at Singapore Swimming Club, my grandmother wanted to go there. After dinner, my brother went to play Table Tennis there, and I waste my time by watching them play for 45 minutes. LOL

Will be buying my brother’s computer tomorrow and my GeForce 4 Ti4600. Hehe =D