Lesson started at 9am for me today, first lesson, IGRA Practical. Teacher didn’t turn up again, waste my time for attending it, if not can sleep until 10am.

School ended at 2pm for me, stayed back a while for a last minute TBCM group meeting. Lian also stayed back for her MMAD assignment task 2 discussion. My TBCM group has 4 people, leader told us to stay back, but end up didn’t see her at all. Only 2 people turn up including me.

I didn’t know what to hand in for TBCM tutorial, neither do most of them. The lecturer didn’t even announce to us properly, how the fu-k do we know what to hand in. He always presumed we know. I feel so fu-ked up because of this fu-ked up module. I am already trying to control my vulgar language here, if not there will be fu-ks everywhere in the sentence.

Went to Marina Square With Lian for lunch after all this fu-ked up things to cool myself down. Ate the Minced Pork Noodle there, it has been quite sometime since I ate it. Walked around Suntec after that before proceeding home.

Came back, installed the remaining applications and some games while doing my PCT quiz. Ran 3D Mark 2001 SE and 3D Mark 2003, scores are 10037 and 1589 respectively.

Will be watching “Catch Me If You Can” tomorrow at GV Plaza, schools end at 2pm for me and Lian. I hate Tuesday and Thursday mornings, got the damm TBCM module.