School ended at 11am for me(self-declared), went to Marina Square to watch Catch Me If You Can, the show is at 1.20pm. Wanted to eat the Minced Pork Noodle again, but the queue was too long, so end up eating at Mos Burger, tried the Ebi Rice Burger, not too bad, but I love Mos’s Ice Milk Tea. It is the best. =D~~~~

Show lasted slightly more than 2 hours. It is based on a true story. Overall the show is quite good, worth the time to watch it. I have to say that most Steven Spielberg’s movies are good. Went home straight after the movie.

Came home, ran 3DMark03 after updating to the latest leaked NVIDIA detonator drives, scored around 1.75k, which is around 200 more points than the previous benchmark. =D

Completed the USA campaign for Generals, I must say that it is very easy, so much easier than China campaign. Well be starting on GLA campaign soon.

In school work, also completed MMAS Assignment Task 4 – Node Map, left the treatment and the storyboard All these is due at the end of the month.

Will be having PCT make-up practical lessons tomorrow as teacher need to go for reservist next week. If not I will end at 1pm, now is 6pm. =_=