Had PCT make-up practical today, did partition on HDD with Partition Magic 7.0, Installing Win9x, WinNT, Win2K and did multiple OS boot. It was easy, because I did it countless time already. LOL =D

After school, on our way home, Lian said she is hungry, so we went to Funan’s Mac Donalds for a light meal. Had the new Nasi Lemak from Mac. Cost me $3.50, not that bad, at least better than the spaghetti.

Came home ran 3D Mark 2001SE and 3D Mark 2003 again, scored 10162 and 1747 respectively.

Modified my node map of MMAD after clearing some doubts with teacher. Did the prototype screens all in PhotoShop. Will be doing a storyboard version tomorrow, hope the node map and storyboard can be finalize by this Sunday and on Monday I can start writing my treatment. Stress

Till 5.30pm tomorrow and there is VB tomorrow, my favorite module. =D