Woke up at 11.30pm today. Went to Suntec for lunch as well as to buy chicken wings for my class BBQ on Thursday. Total chicken wing count = 48, total chicken breast count = 42.

Actually, we went to Suntec is by mistake because my brother wanted to make spectacles and because my brother birthday is coming, Singnet sent him a $50 optical voucher. My mom thought the optical shop is in Suntec, but actually it is in Ngee Ang City. LOL.

We proceed to Ngee Ang City afterwards to find the optical shop. Found it at level 5, but end up not making the spectacles because it is quite expensive and the frames are not really that nice. There are 3 optical shops in Ngee Ang City, went to the other 2 shop to find how much is the Oakley spectacles. Cost around $300 with frames and lenses. I maybe making an Oakley spectacles.

As the hair salon will be closing at 6pm, thus we did not really shop at Ngee Ang City. Went to get a hair cut at Everton Park which is near my grandmother’s place. My mom and brother also had a hair cut. Cost $44 altogether. $16 for mine, $10 for my brother and $18 for my mom. =D

Wanted to go Queenstown Shopping Center to look for Oakley spectacles but the carpark queue was awfully long. So end up making a U-turn and proceeding home.

Came home, talked to Lian, took a short nap, code my Image Uploading Script and ate porridge as my dinner. LOL

Will be doing my MMPJ Project tomorrow with Lian and Klaus. Actually wanted to go KTV with my friends, but it is quite expensive. I am broke liao, must save money. =(