Woke up at 9am by the doorbell. It is the postman that came to deliver Lian’s Koichi Domoto 2003-2004 Calendar. Well I kinda like online shopping, it delivers up to your doorsteps. It ships quite fast also. The calendar was release on 28th February 2003 and 3rd March I got it already. I was expecting like a week for it to be shipped. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp is the online site I bought from, very good service. =D

Went for breakfast at my house’s coffeeshop. Been months since I stepped in there. Today is Monday, and my favorite Wan Ton Mee should be closed, but to my surprise it is open, wonder why. So I ate that. =D

Lian came my house at 12pm, followed by Klaus and his girlfriend at 1pm to do MMPJ project. We spent 30 minutes only to do it and we can already complete about 2 pages. They need to rush for the KTV session, thus they leave at about 1.30pm.

Went to Orchard Cineleisure’s foodcourt for lunch with Lian. Walked round Ngee Ang City and Hereen before proceeding home for dinner.

After dinner, studied for my BTT evaluation test which I will be taking on Wednesday, if I can pass it I can go and book for my official BTT test date. Wish me luck =D

Will be going out with Lian after her DEAE excursion.