Forgot that there is IGRA revision lecture till last night my classmate told me in IRC. Thus, I went for IGRA lecture at 11am. The lecturer say that those who came may get extra marks, don’t know how true is it. Anyway less than 1/4 of the class came anyway.

After class, my mom drove me to meet Lian at Diamaru at Liang Court, later we proceed to Marina Square for lunch at Kenny Rogers. As both of us feel like watching movie, we went Plaza Singapura to watch About Schmidt. Well the show lasted over 2 hours and it is rated NC-16 because of just one lame part. Overall the show is quite heart warming, but to me it is quite boring.

Lian went home after the show and I went to meet my classmates at Buena Vista MRT Station to visit my another classmate who is in hospital who had an accident on Saturday I will not reveal anything more as he doesn’t want this to spread. But it is kinda sad. Life is so unpredictable and fragile

Had dinner at Kopitiam at National University Hospital(NUH) before proceeding home. Will be taking my BTT evaluation test in the afternoon. Wish me luck.