Ate Lor Mee in the morning before playing a few games of Warcraft III with Lian. My damm cabled keep dcing every 30 minutes. Suck man, every since that damm Star*** taken over it, it become worst. Grr.

Went for BTT evaluation after that, took it 3 times and I failed all 3 unfortunately. Not say I fail terribly or what, the passing is 72/80, and average got about 70 for it. So wasted. Nevermind, shall study harder as I know what the evaluation is like, will be going to take on Sunday again. =D

E-mailed my TBCM lecturer whether can add another person to my TBCM group as my group is the only group with 4 people, and now it is down to 3, but the rest of the class is all 5. I hope he can reply me ASAP.

Tomorrow will be my class BBQ at my classmate house in Tanah Merah. Been months since I ate BBQ food.

*Updated* Started work on my MMAD Task 6 assignment, the application I am doing is easy to do, but Director sucks big time, I think Flash will be a better choice. But no choice have to do in Director. Sucks.

And my farking cable keep dcing. Fark You St*r*u*