Lian came my house at 11am. Went to Great World City’s foodcourt for lunch. Lian ate the Laksa and I ate the Fried Beef With Spring Onion And Ginger With Rice. Not to early this time. Last time I ate was quite oily.

Came back home about 2pm, played some Unreal Tournament 2003 while waiting for my mom to fetch us to the BBQ at Tanah Merah. Mom came at 4pm and we proceed to my friend’s condominium at Tanah Merah for the BBQ.

About 15 people including our lecturer(PTN) turn up for this class BBQ. Overall, it was fun and as usual there were food left over, but this time it was not so much. First time I BBQ food for so long, if not usually I just BBQ for 1 hour and I eat for the next few hours. LOL

Leg was so “sour” as I stand most of the time. I stood behind the BBQ bit and all the smoke blew at me and boy do I stink. LOL We BBQ all the way to 10pm and spent 30 minutes clearing all those stuffs. Mom came at 10.30pm to fetch Lian and I home.

Will be uploading the pictures once I got enough bandwidth, man cable bandwidth sure is little only 15kbps for the up stream. There are a total of 56 pictures around 30 MB for those people who is getting the zip file from me.

Will be practicing my Director tomorrow as that will be my first practical test which is on Monday. =D