Didn’t went out today except for dinner. Mom bought back lunch for me. Spent the afternoon studying my MMAS and playing a few rounds of Warcraft III before taking a nap till in the evening.

Went to Queensway Shopping Center to make my brother spectacles before having our dinner at Alexandra Food Center. Had BBQ Sting Ray, Fried Kang Kong and Fried Onion With Egg. Ordered the Indian Mutton Soup(Kambeng Soup) from one of the Indian stall. It taste good, long time didn’t taste such a good Kambeng soup.

Went back to Queensway Shopping Center to collect my brother’s spectacles. The shop where our whole family made our spectacles from. The shop belongs to my father’s younger brother friend. He charge us very cheap but too bad he doesn’t sell Oakley. Walked round level 1 to look for Oakley Spectacles. Found one shop that sell quite alot of Oakley Spectacles. The frame plus lenses will cost around $300. Quite expensive. Heard from one of the staff that US only sell it at US$60, which is around S$100. Don’t know how true is it. Even online price is almost the same as in Singapore, US$155(S$260).

Will be going to school tomorrow to meet Lian, then maybe later going out with her. =D