Last night my good friend Shaun called me from his bunk to talk about our birthday celebrations with our Secondary school mates as his birthday is 1 day after mine and normally we celebrate it together. Asked him about how is army life now, he say is quite good, quite slack and now there is counseling and welfare. Good life in the army now compared with last time. I will be entering army in 2004. All Singaporeans guys have to go through that to be a real man according to some people. LOL

Today went to school to accompany Lian. She need to let her design teacher see some coke design. As usual she is late again. LOL. Left school at around 11.30am.

We decided to catch Maid In Manhattan at Cineleisure, which is a 2.30pm show. Ate lunch at Burger King, finally I didn’t eat Mushroom Swiss Burger because got quite sick of it. I tried the Rendang Burger. don’t really like it. Wanted to walk over to Hereen as there is still plenty of time, but it was raining so heavy, so decided to go to the arcade and play some games. Been months since I last step into an arcade. =D

Show lasted about 90 minutes, quite a nice show, recommended to watch. We went home after the movie as Lian need to go home for dinner.

Had my dinner at China Square. I think it is a 4 level foodcourt. Ate the Fried Fish With Bee Hoon Soup, quite popular there, and everytime my family go we will be eating there. By the way that stall is opened by my schoolmate’s father. Only when my friend is in then got discount, but too bad he in army now. LOL

Will be taking my BTT Evaluation again, pray that I can pass this time so I can book my BTT test. Mid-term exams coming for me, 10th to 12th March 2003. Mostly practical test. Hehe.