Woke up at 12.30pm today, first time I woke up so late since the reopening of school. Went to West Mall and had Swensens for lunch. Tried something different at Swensens today, had Black Pepper Seafood Pasta and a cup of Cookies & Cream Milk Shake. Both tastes good.

Went to Bukit Batok Driving Center(BDCC) later to take my BTT evaluation, took it 2 times, first time I scored 70(failed) and the second time I scored 72(just passed). Was quite happy of course. Wanted to book the BTT test but the date is on Friday, 21st March 2003 and time is 6.30pm. I got school till 5.30pm on that day, so it will be very rush and I need to be there at 5pm to attend the revision lesson. Will be finding a Wednesday slot if possible as BTT is either on Wednesday or Friday.

After the BTT evaluation, helped my mom to deliver some goods before heading home. Came home went through my PCT disc 1 and the preparation test, it is so tough, only scored 61% and most of it I got it correct is by guessing and not by my knowledge. Sighz =(

Didn’t really had dinner today because I am still full after the pasta lunch. Tried my mom’s curry. This is the first time she is cooking it, so must give face even though I am quite full. The curry is ok only, not “Sweet” and saltish enough.

Will be having my MMAS practical test tomorrow from 12pm to 2.30pm. Wishing all the people taking it good luck. =D