Actually wanted to rant about this issue long time ago. Most taxi drivers are the worst kind of drivers you can find on the road after witnessing many of this type of incidents today.

They think that all the road belongs to them. They can stop anyway at anytime just to pick-up/alight the passengers. This cause much trouble to the cars behind them as they need to overtake them. Even worst if they stop suddenly, the car behind them need to jam the brake suddenly. And this type may lead to a minor accident.

They hog the road by driving at unreasonable slow speed. Imagine each lane got this type of drivers, it will cause traffic jam and it will makes your day.

They stop at places to pick up passengers where the taxi stand is just a few meters away. They just can’t be bothered to stop at the taxi stand or are they afraid of losing the customers.

They can’t understand simple english. Taxi stands put only for 3 taxis and you can see 5 or 6 or worst even more taxis queuing up waiting for passengers to board even though there are no passengers queues.

Seriously I think they should go through driving etiquette.