Went to school for breakfast today before going for my MMAS practical test.

The test duration is 2 hours, I thought it was 2 hours and 30 minutes at first. LOL. The test is quite difficult, spent 30 minutes on just a stupid Lingo scripting but luckily got it to work few minutes before times up, and hence completing it in time. =D

Went to Bugis Junction for lunch. Ate Mos Burger, had the Unagi Rice Burger, tastes good. So far I have tried all types of rice burgers, all of them are good. Went home after that.

Came home, went through 3 discs of my PCT and did my Test Preparation Quiz for don’t know how many times. Scored around 60 to 80% each time with the best being 81% and the worst being 61%. The quiz is not easy. Really must pray for my PCT test tomorrow.

I also have VBAS practical test tomorrow but no need to worry so much because it is open book and VB has always been my cup of tea.

Hope I can do well in VBAS and pass my PCT. Wishing all students taking those 2 modules good luck.