As usual, went to school for breakfast before taking my PCT online quiz. The test was suppose to last for 90 minutes for 50 questions, I finished it in 20 minutes and scored 83/100, not too bad 2nd highest. The highest was 86/100, one of my classmates.

After the PCT test, is my VBAS practical test. The test lasts for 2 hours. We did a Tic-Tac-Toe game in Visual Basic. I have completed the whole thing except the algorithm within 30 minutes. Spent 1 hour on the stupid algorithms. I thought it was not so easy at first and the first solution I thought of is rather inefficient, so I think more complicated, the more I think the further I drifting away from the logic. So no choice use the inefficient way. After the test ask some of my classmate what algorithm they use, they all uses the same algorithm. Crap, should not think so complicated.

Went to Funan after school, ate some tao hui and drank some soya bean drink from the Jolli Express there. Went to scout round for Iomega Internal CD Writer(52x24x52)’s price. The cheapest is at South Asia Computers, although Sim Lim sells it cheaper, decided to buy it there after calling my mom up.

SA Computers sell it for $115 and Sim Lim Square’s Fuwell sell it for $109, $6 difference. If we purposely go Sim Lim Square to buy it, we would waste parking charges, patrol oil and further more there must use NETS or Cash if not have to pay extra 4% for the GST. For all these $6 is worth, so I bought from it using credit card as it can owe for 1 month. LOL

Will be having my IGRA and MMPJ test tomorrow. Both modules are tough, but IGRA isn’t that bad because it is open book but MMPJ is not and MMPJ I don’t know what to study. Sighz. But anyway wishing all students taking those 2 modules good luck.