Had 2 practical tests today. IGRA and MMPJ.

IGRA was the first test. It is so easy, lecturer is like giving away marks. Finished it within an hour although it is a 2 hours test.

MMPJ was the last test for the mid term. The paper is average only considering I never study alot. Scored 12/20 for the quiz part. Wasted should have memorize the quiz questions from each topic as most of the test quiz questions are taken from there. Hope I can pass above border line maybe around 65%.

Went to Plaza Singapura for lunch as well as to watch Cradle To The Grave. Ate the Korean Spicy Beef Noodle Soup and fried carrot cake from the newly renovated foodcourt. The Korean food taste so-so only but the fried carrot cake is nice, same stall as before. Recommended to eat the fried carrot cake. Yummy =D~~~

Cradle 2 The Grave last around 105 minutes, the show is action packed but the storyline is a typical storyline, good guys win and bad guys lose. If you love action movie, you should watch it. It is better than Kiss Of The Dragon and The One, both also acted by Jet Li. Spoiler: Remember to stay till the credits end, there is something. =D

Finally all the mid-term tests is over, now whats left is lots of assignments and the semesters’ tests. Stress. LOL.