Did my MMAS Assignment Task 6 during my MMAS practical session today, did not really what the lecturer teach during that time. LOL. It is very tedious, can take up to 4 or 5 hours just to do a screen. After doing a screen, yours eyes will be tired. @_@ My Task 6 not even 1/2 done after spending hours and hours doing it.

Went to Funan after school to collect my Sony Clie PEG-T665C. Was quite excited about it because I have never own a PDA till now. Went to Burger King for a light meal after that before proceeding home.

Came home, charge my PDA’s battery before going to Liang Court to eat the Japanese Food there, and on the way collect my Swensen’s Ice Cream Cake, half Cookies & Cream and half Coffee. Yummy This cake is meant for me and my brother whose birthday is 4 days after mine.

Diamaru has closed down leaving the supermarket open only as it has been taken over by another company. The supermarket will be renovated at the end of this month. Anyway, Carrefour will be opening another store in Plaza Singapura taking over either Courts or Diamaru store place. Courts will be moving to CenterPoint. Liberty Supermarket which is owned by NTUC in Plaza Singapura will then be closed down. How I know all these? It is because my mom is in this line. LOL

Came home play around with my PDA, transferring, configuring, installing, etc. Till now then I am free to post this blogs. LOL

Will be going to school later at 9am for IGRA make-up lessons and PCT at 10am. After that will be watching Tears Of The Sun before going for my birthday dinner. =D

2 more days till 19.