Went to school for IGRA and PCT lessons in the morning. PCT lesson is important because the lecturer will tell us which chapters to tear up to submit it for grading. After the tearing section, the whole lecture hall’s floor is fill with small bits of paper, is like snowing. I really pity the person who is going to clean it up. LOL

Had lunch at Hereen’s The Nudle Bar, ate the Chicken Tom Yam soup, I must say the chicken like no need money, they add in so much chicken until I got sick of it and didn’t finish it. Went to take NeoCard later, it was abit dark as Lian an I wore dark colored clothes. LOL

Went to CenterPoint for a walk, didn’t been there for quite a long time, visited the Courts and Harvey Norman there to look for my Clie accessories, well they are not cheap, but I think they are necessary, things like carrying pouch and screen protector.

Walked to Plaza Singapura to watch Tears Of The Sun, well the show lasted over 2 hours as expected as war movies normally last very long like Black Hawk Down. For the first hour of the show is actually quite boring, not much action, the war ‘begins’ in the 2nd hour of the show actually. Sound effects was fantastic.

After the show took bus 65 from Park Mall. At the bus-stop opposite Somerset MRT Station, there is this teenager girl who boarded the bus. She seems to be suffering from some pain as she made alot of noise, look around and I saw a Civil Defense ambulance and a stretcher, from my predictions, that girl has ‘run away’ from them as before she board the bus she struggled with her friend I presumed.

At the bus-stop behind Cineleisure the girl noise get louder and louder till the bus driver stop the bus and 1 passenger went over to the girl and ask her what happen, she said her chest is very pain. So another kind woman approaches the girl and called the ambulance, half-way through the call, she said she don’t want to wait for the ambulance as it will be very long, and she want to go alight from the bus, but the bus driver immediately close the door to prevent her from doing so, but who knows the girl scold all sorts of vulgarities at the bus driver, and he had no choice but to open the door and the girl alight limping away. Poor bus drivers, it sometimes doesn’t pay to be kind.

Reached home, cut my birthday cake with my brother. It is a Swensen’s half cookies & cream and half coffee ice cream cake and has a soccer ball design on it. LOL. Thanks Mom.

Proceed to Long Beach at Marina South for dinner later, normally we order ala carte but this time we order the set menu and the bill total up to about $650, it was the most expensive dinner I had ever eaten at there. My mom say it is still quite ok as we ate Scallop which alone cost us about $100, the drinks also total up to about $80, the crabs plus take-away crabs total us to about $100 and we had 12 people.

Will be uploading the photos as soon as possible, I am quite tired after about 12 hours outside.

Thanks guys and gals for all those birthday wishes =D. Sorry for the long blog post. LOL