Slept till quite late, 1.30pm. Went for lunch at Bugis Junction foodcourt. Went Bugis Junction because my brother Kipling bag the zip broke off, went the Kipling store to change a new zip. I went to the Sony Gallery there to buy my PDA carrying case, cost me $49, ouch. Brother also bought a Billabong drum bag, cost him $45.

Walked round till around 5pm before going home. Came home did some parts of my VB assignment, and configure my PDA to connect to WAP, after a few attempts it works now, but now I just need to know what WAP browser to download.

Had dinner at ABC market, love the fishball noodle there, no wonder that store came in first in Channel U food variety program.

Stress is here, so much assignments haven’t finish, MMAS, VBAS, IGRA, TBCM, only left less than a month to finish all 4 assignments. Arrgghhh