Heard from my friend that all mass lecture has been canceled due to the SARS outbreak, was uncertain at first, but after confirmation from BlackBoard(e-learning in SP), it is true. Don’t know to be happy or sad. LOL. Thus my briefing on my Year 3 electives are also canceled.

Later went for my MMPJ presentation, well everything turn out quite smooth.

As it was very early, went to Cineleisure to watch Just Married. Show only lasted 90 minutes, but it is quite a nice show, funny and touching at the last part.

Got a called from Klaus saying that we are doing a web for Institute of Mental Health for our FYP instead of our proposal, a lifestyle website. Came home immediately send a letter of appeal to the lecturer in charge. Was very pissed off. I think not our group get it, other group also force to do external projects. I mean like WTF? If they want us to do external project, why give us choose what project we want to do in the first place. Waste our farking time and effort to do up the proposal.

Was quite pissed off, so decided to take a nap to cool myself. Woke up, ate dinner and continue work on my MMAS.

Saw on BlackBoard that all MMAS and MMAS lectures, tutorials and practicals will be online after the cancellation of mass lecturer. And another thing that pissed me off is that all MMPJ presentation after today ill be canceled. Which simply means, we have just waste our farking time preparing all the slides. Seriously, SP need to have more student welfare.

Well be having my TBCM presentation tomorrow, this will be 10 times more nervous than my MMPJ.