Had my TBCM final presentation in the morning. Everything turn our quite smoothly. Got 72/100 for this. The lecturer was quite generous in giving marks. LOL

As mass lectures has been canceled, we have long breaks in between and we do not need to come to school on certain days.

School ended much earlier today because during VB practical, the lecturer use it for lecture as mass lecture on Friday is canceled and it only last 90 minutes and there is no VB tutorial, thus we dismiss at 3.45 instead of 5.30.

Came home after that, took a nap till 9pm then continue doing my MAS assignment, has been rushing my MMAS assignment for the past few days, want to get it completed asap. Till now then I got the time to post blogs. LOL. Completed my prototype only left 1 minor section regarding exchanging cast which I do not know how to do the scripting.

Will be going to school to do TBCM even though tomorrow there is no school as most of my lessons for tomorrow are either online or canceled.

Think I will start IGRA assignment tomorrow. Still thinking what I want to do.