Went to school only for TBCM. Next week got TBCM job interview role play, must wear formal again. Should not have wash my long pants. Thanks to one of my classmate, my MMAD/MMAS prototype is now completed. Now left the beta test reports and questionnaire.

Went to Orchard for a walk as it was still early, so Lian and I decided to catch a The Recruit at Cineleisure. We sat the last row, which is the couple sits, then after a while 2 guys come and sit beside us, thought they made a mistake, but after a while and sad to say they are gay. Yucks.

Came home rush my TBCM manual formatting. It is a tough job, imagine compiling all the contents and images onto a word format layout. It took me about 3 hours to do that, and the result is 52 pages worth of Word Document. My eyes are so tired now. @_@

Luckily no school tomorrow, shall sleep till later. LOL =D