No school today, Lian came to my house to watch Steal, a VCD that I bought yesterday along with The Returner. The show is very nice, I think it is nicer than The Recruit. Pity that I missed that movie in the Cinemas.

Went to Cineleisure foodcourt for lunch. Walked round Hereen and Ngee Ang City. Lian bought a Japanese magazine and she saw the DVDs that she wanted, but it is very ex. $100 for 2 limited edition DVDs. Is all about branding these days.

Wanted to watch Dreamcatcher today, but too bad there is no sneak preview as it opens tomorrow. Maybe shall catch it on Friday.

Came home, took a nap. Woke up did my MMAS/MMAD Task 7, it is 1/2 completed. TBCM and IGRA definitely has to be completed by this week as the deadline is on Friday. I will also try to finish MMAS/MMAD assignment by this week, so next week I got time to do my IGRA assessment 2.

School tomorrow. TBCM and VB.