Went to school for TBCM lessons. TBCM assignment has been completed, printed and binded. Didn’t went for VB today as the lesson is used to do assignment, and I have already completed it.

Went to Marina Square Mos Burger for lunch. Tried something different today, the HotDog. Nothing special about it, still prefer the burger. Caught Dreamcatcher at 3.50pm. Show lasted 2 hours and 30 minutes. It is a good show, recommended to watch it. Story by Stephen King is normally good. =D

Came home, mom first time cook chicken rice. Not that bad, still can make it. LOL. Completed my MMAD/MMAS Task 7 and 8. Now I need to find my classmates to help me test and evaluate it.

Will be going to school for MMAD tutorial and to pass up my TBCM. After that will be going to Orchard to buy tie for my TBCM job interview role play next Thursday. Sucks. Hate wearing tie.