Don’t really have the time to blog yesterday, so I post it now. LOL

Went to school for MMAD tutorial, to submit TBCM assignment and to choose my year 3 electives. Anyway, SP year 3 electives is very dumb. Shall not talk about it. I will just go on and on and on. Took JSPG(Java Server Programming) and GAME(Games Development). Lian took JSPG(Java Server Programming) and AAUP(Adv Audio Production). She took AAUP because she don’t have a choice.

Went to Orchard for a walk after that, bought a tie to match my shirt. Later went to HMV, Lian wanted to buy her CD, but they have no stock left. Thus she pre-order it for the next shipment. Went home after that.

Dad went fishing, so left my bro and mum. Went to Ikea for dinner, miss the food there. I just love Ikea food, especially the meatball. =D. After that went to my grandmother house to see my baby cousin. =D

Came home submitted my IGRA assignment through e-mail. Modified some Warcraft 3 map as the map is meant for 8 players and we got only 4 players. So I try to balance things up LOL. Played Warcraft III till 3.30am with Lian, Reaper and WilloWisp. It was so fun LOL.

Will be meeting Lian at Compass Point later in the evening. =D