Ate my house Lor Mee for lunch, been weeks since I ate that. Miss the Lor Mee. LOL. Went to Compass Point to meet Lian. When I reached there, she say she late 30 minutes. Went to Delifrance to sit down and have some light snacks. Tried the DeliPotatoes, nice from my point of view because I like potatoes. I look around and I think I am the only one that eat with the potato’s skin on, the rest just left behind the skin.

Walked round Compass Point after Lian Came. Actually Compass Point got nothing much. Both of us got bored of it and decided to go to Suntec’s City. Took the Express Bus 501 because it is the only bus from Sengkang that goes to Suntec. Cannot use BusPass and the fare is $2. LOL

The ride is only 45 minutes. Had a light dinner at the Carrefour deli corner. Ate the chicken rice there, cheap and not too bad, $2.20 per pack.

Came home fixed all the bugs spotted by my classmates in the Beta Testing Report for my MMAD/MMAS. Wonder are they free to play Warcraft 3 tonight. LOL