Woke up in the afternoon. Went to World Trade Center, now known as Harbor Front Center for lunch at the foodcourt there. The food there sucks, and Harbor Front Center got nothing much to see, although after major renovations it is now much nicer on the inside.

Came home printed my MMAD/MMAS task 7 and 8. Try to get everything ready by Wednesday, because deadline is on Friday. Learned my lessons on last minute work.

Mom cook mee siam for the first time using using the mee siam paste, not that bad. Annual National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Show Part 1 is on tonight. Well the response was very good, total of S$7 million raised. And that is only the first part, next Sunday still got the 2nd and final part. Of course I called 3 calls using my handphone. LOL

Boring need to go to school for a 10 minutes interview tomorrow for my IGRA assignment.

Week 14 of school starts tomorrow. 2 more weeks till exams.