Suppose to have IGRA interview at 9am in the morning, but lecturer was late for an hour and Lian coming my house later on. So I end up telling him I will book the interview timeslot on Wednesday. I think almost the whole class got interviewed except for me. And I saw one of my classmate’s screen saver. I was totally demoralize. The lecturer was shock too. Most pro people who uses particle system cannot answer the first question of the interview. Luckily mine is simple and I did not use it, although I understand it abit.

Met Lian at Tiong Bahru Plaza before coming home to watch The Returner. It is a Japanese action pack show. The effect was good. Proceed to Orchard later to buy Lian’s shoes from OG. Sat down at Mos Burger at Ngee Ang City after that before coming home.

Came home did some MMAD/MMAS compiling and did my IGRA practical assessment 2. Was quite a unhappy night for me because Lian accidentally deleted some images from her MMAD/MMAS assignment, as hers was external cast members. Tried all kinds of ways to retrieve the file, but to no avail. Sad. =(