Lian came my house in the morning to do her DEAE assignment. Had lunch at Cineleisure foodcourt before meeting Klaus and gang to buy Jacky’s birthday present. Walked till my leg is “sour”. From Wisma Atria to Far East to Shaw to Ngee Ang City.

After everything, Lian and I had a light snack at Takashimya foodcourt, while the others went home. Came home look through my director file, realize that there are some very minor aesthetic bug here and there. Fixed all of them and improve on the quiz results. As expected the deadline for MMAD/MMAS assignment is extended to Monday, 21st April 2003, 10am.

Did a new wallpaper to replace my old one which is more than 6 months old. The design is based on a new layout design that I had in mind. Looks plain though. Anyway, all my design is “cannot make it” type. Just did for the sake of doing. LOL.

Going to school tomorrow for my IGRA interview.