Had IGRA interview. As usual, he was late for 15 minutes. Funny thing is that my interview only takes 5 minutes? Just show him what my program will do, and thats all. No question asked. He said that he believe that the assignment is done by me because there is no fanciful stuff like particles. LOL

Stayed back for a few hours to do my VB. Fixed some bugs here and there. Tomorrow is the deadline. Shall go school and do the adding of the winning music and burn it to CD. At home, don’t know why cannot add in ActiveX controls. Must do it in school. So troublesome. Hope nothing cocks up.

Went to Bukit Panjang with Klaus and gang after that to buy Jacky’s birthday cake. Swensen’s Cookies & Cream. My favorite. LOL. Went to Jacky’s house later, wanted to give him a surprise, but I think he expected it already. LOL. Stayed at his house till about 4pm.

Took the LRT back to Chua Chu Kang, Lian wanted to go to Lot1 Shopping Mall, which is just beside it. Walked round and had a snack at Long John Silvers. Long time didn’t ate that. But I regretted eating it today because I think I going to have a sore throat soon and tomorrow is my TBCM job interview. 20% of the total module. Cannot play around. LOL

Wish me luck for tomorrow interview. LOL. Good Friday is coming, which means public holiday, an extra day to rest or sleep. LOL