Reached school at 9am to finish up my VB and passed it up before I went for my TBCM. Saw alot of VB assignments being done in the lab, most of them are very graphics intensive and I also noticed alot of people like to use comic/cartoon characters. LOL. Well some are really fantastic, some are just so-so. I hope no one come out with Multiplayer feature for the VB assignment. If not spoil market. LOL

Had TBCM interview today, was quite nervous, don’t know why, I think even the actual job interview will not be as nervous as this. LOL

Went to Hereen’s HMV to buy Lian’s limited edition Kinki Kids CD Single, the song inside was for a coke advert in Japan.

Watched Johnny English at Plaza Singapore with Jacky and friends, Jacky treat us. Thanks Jacky for the treat. =D Johnny English is a really damm lame and funny show, really will make you laugh and say “wtf?”. There is one retard fellow sitting directly behind me. He laugh so damm loud. Crazy.

Started work again on my new layout, totally scrap the old version 2.0 one. Hope I can get it done asap, it is very plain though. I will see what I can add.

Had sore throat the whole day as expected. Sucks. Ate all soup based meals and drank coke with salt. Coke with salt really helps with sore throat. Don’t really know why. Sodium plus the chemicals inside coke?

Wooo, public holiday tomorrow, which means wake up late. Yay. =D