Woke up in the afternoon today, feeling much better after a constant attack on the sore in my throat. LOL

Something is very wrong with my computer, everytime when I turn on my computer and it load windows, I only can see my desktop picture, nothing else. No start menu, no desktop icons. I only can access task manager to do things. Click here to see the screenshot. And the only solution to solve it is to End Task Explorer.exe and Run Explorer.exe again, then restart my computer, then everything will be back to normal. If I turn off and turn on my computer the same problem will occur.

My original Norton AntiVirus 2002 got some problem too, whenever I run it got dunno what windows error. Crap. Going to reinstalled it on 2nd May 2003, as I got a 5 days break in between my exams paper. Enough time for me to reinstalled. Was so fed up, I reinstalled Windows not long ago, I think about 2 months ago only. This sucks.

Spend the whole evening and night backing up my MP3s and data. On the other hand, burned my MMAD & MMAS assignment and submitted my IGRA practical assessment 2. No more assignments for me. Now must study hard for exams. Don’t think can get any AD for this semester. I aim to get all B. MMAS exams starts on this coming Wednesday and IGRA starts on this coming Saturday(not tomorrow). Official exams will start week after next.

Tomorrow will be going out with Lian till night, maybe watching Bulletproof Monk. LOL