Think I just got a flu today, running nose and slight cough. But luckily no fever. The SARS outbreak is getting quite bad. Thanks to China who cover up the whole incident since it is first discovered last year.

Met Lian in the afternoon to watch Bullet Proof Monk. Didn’t saw any trailer on this film, only posters. But surprisingly, it is nice, even better than Johnny English.

Ate an early dinner at Suntec’s City foodcourt. Now I must watch what I eat. If not will become worst. Sigh. Bought 2×50 Smartbuy CDRs. It is cheaper than buying in 100 at Carrefour.

Went to Esplanade for a walk, as it has been sometime since I have been to there. Just nice they have an outdoor performance, so stayed there a while to watch it. 2 violinist playing some Mozart music. Well it was fantastic. LOL

Crap, don’t know when is the IGRA test, lecturer say is on Wednesday, ICT put on Saturday. Call the lecturer up to confirm. He say he don’t know and need to check on Monday. Crap.

No mood to do my new layout today, hope I got mood to continue it tomorrow. LOL.

Will be going to pray tomorrow as exams is coming. =D