Went to pray in the afternoon as exams is coming. Pray that I can recover quickly and get good grades in exams. Went to Bugis Junction for lunch. Wanted to eat Mos Burger, but end up eating Swensens because my parents hated fastfood. LOL

Came home, my uncle ask me to go Funan with him, he want to see digital camera. Went to Funan, instead of seeing for digital camera, he bought a HP iPAQ 1910 and bought for me a HP iPAQ 5450 with 128MB SD Memory. He bought that for me because he strike 4D first prize. LOL. So luckily. And he just struck the third prize not long ago. Thanks Uncle Raymond. =D

Came home spent the whole evening helping him set up his and mine iPAQ. It is because he will be going to China tomorrow and need the iPAQ. There is something wrong with my damm computer again. When I click on a setup file, it will not show the setup screen at all even after 15 minutes. Can’t install some add-ons for my iPAQ. Sad. Can’t wait to format my com after my exams.

Watch the National Kidney Foundation Show Part II where it is the last part and local celebrities do some performance to raise funds. Last week was foreign celebrities. Not bad the fund raise. Almost $7 million dollars, which is almost the same as last week raised funds. Totaling to around $15 million dollars for the charity.

Need to go school tomorrow to submit my MMAS/MMAD and for my MMAS/MMAD 5 minutes presentation.

Week 15 of school starts tomorrow, and it will be the last week of school. Next week will be exams week. Time flies.

*Edit* Due to 1 person infected with SARS in Pasir Panjang Wholesale Market, the market close for 3 days starting today. Thus you see almost the whole of Singapore the market doesn’t sell vegetables and supermarkets vegetables stock are running low or basically sold out.