Had VB lecture in the morning. Lecturer went through last semester exams paper. The paper was quite easy but abit tricky.

Went to Marina Square later. Ate the minced pork noodle there for lunch. Actually everytime we went Marina Square I would want to eat the minced pork noodle there, but Lian don’t really like it, so end up not eating it. LOL. This time she say I sick so she give in to me. LOL

Watched Willard at 2pm. There was less than 10 people watching the show in the cinema. Overall the show not bad and there are lots of rats. Wonder how they film that and they don’t look computer generated. X-Men 2 and Matrix Reloaded is coming very soon. I am looking forward to Matrix Reloaded. I think it will be one of the best special effects movie in 2003 unless LOTR: Th Return Of The King can beat it.

Came home slept till 9.30pm. I don’t feel tired but my head is very heavy. Think I am having a headache. Hope by tomorrow it will be fine so that I can study for my MMPJ exams on Monday.