Slept till 1pm today. Ate lunch before start studying for my MMPJ. 13 chapter lectures slide to read. It is quite alot. So much information to remember. I hate to memorize stuff. It is not practical at all. But luckily the exam paper will be based on case studies. Evertime study 1 chapter, the chapters before it all forgot. Sigh

Played abit of MechWarrior 4 : Mercenaries in the late afternoon to destress myself(as if I have been stress out). LOL

Went to Toa Payoh to eat Kuey Chap. Don’t know what you call that in english. LOL.

Now we all the SARS going on I think it is better to take your own temperature daily. Took mine today. 36.8 degree Celsius.

Boring Saturday, exams near, cannot go out. Stayed at home the whole day, study for exams also boring. Exams suck. I rather have it replaced it with practical test or assignments.

Though today is boring, but it is a meaningful day. Today marks the 8th month Lian and I had been together. =D =Pppp