Woke up by my mom today at 10.30am asking me to go for a Tim Sum lunch at Lei Garden as her cousin will be flying back to New York next week.

Ate all the way till 2pm, after that, I rushed down to Orchard MRT to meet my classmates for a birthday celebration. They had lunch at The Nudle Bar, while I just drank a root beer float. Help him save money. LOL. The girls bought a oreo cheese cake from Marche, it don’t really taste that good. LOL

Went home after that for another dinner treat my mom’s cousin at Long Beach Marina. Whole day almost all eating. LOL

I will be going to #pixel.junkies 2nd outing tomorrow for lunch at Seoul Garden Marina, then will be watching Matrix Reloaded at GV Marina with Lian.

Can’t wait to see the movie.

*Update* Saw almost all the Half-Life 2 demo videos on E3, it will own any FPS game out there when it is release. The game engine is simply fantastic. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.