First time woke up so early since the holidays started. 10am. Rushed down to Marina Square to collect my The Matrix Reloaded tickets before meeting #pixel.junkies people at 11.30am.

Went straight to Seoul Garden at Marina Square later for a BBQ buffet. 9 of us went for the lunch buffet. Lian was early so met her at around 2.30pm. She ate Burger King. Went to Suntec City later for a walk as it is still early. The movie is at 4.10pm. Suntec is having a SAF fair or something. The whole mall is flooded with SAF people. So many blue and green uniform people.

The movie is around 140 minutes. This will be one of the best movie in this year, the visual effects is good but some parts can tell it is fake. Lots of fighting scenes too. Shall not spoil this. But remember to stay till the credit part finishes because there is Matrix Revolution trailer after that. Around 3/4 of the people in the cinema left right after the show. LOL

Had dinner at Raffles City newly food court.

Can’t wait for Matrix Revolution.