Stayed at home for the whole afternoon, coding my inventory system. Checked out the cheapest Sony Ericsson T610, which is $708 which is $91 price different from the pre sales from My Sony. Something is quite fishy. Wonder if the warranty is by the shop or by Sony Ericsson Singapore. Hmmm

Watched The Matrix Reloaded again at GV Tiong Bahru with my family which I had booked yesterday. Wanted to watched at GV Grand, but the seats available are too front.

Surprise to see that GV Tiong Bahru also had alot of people watching. Normally, the cinema is less than 1/2 full. Now I am able to understand the Matrix story even more after watching it for the second time. But I still dun understand the Colonel Sanders speech. Too chim and fast for me to understand.

Went to the nearly renovated Zion Road Hawker Center to eat, the environment is better, but the seats are quite high, which makes eating quite difficult. The tables are very dirty, talking about clean hawker centers.