Haven’t been sleeping enough lately, thus today slept till 2pm. LOL. For lunch, ate another famous lor mee from Amoy Street, bought back by my parents. Don’t really like it. Still prefer my house downstairs cofeeshop one.

Spend the afternoon coding my inventory system again, this time I have finished coding the login process. I am more motivated to do programming than designing. Maybe this explains why I suck in design. LOL

The Starhub Maxonline personal called my mom up this afternoon. The response to the Maxonline 3000 was very good, thus I have to wait for a week before I can get my new wireless modem. Heard from Hardware Zone people that the download speed can get over 350Kbps but the damm upload speed still remains at 15kbps.

At night, went to Plaza Singapura to collect my dad’s free Swatch watch by DBS Cashline. Had dinner at the foodcourt there. I still find the fried carrot cake there is still the best in Singapore. =D

Boring Sunday basically, but thats school holiday. Still awaiting for the launch of Sony Ericsson T610.