Woke up in the afternoon as usual. Mom bought back one of my favorite vegetable, Hainanese vegetable rice from Pasir Panjang Hawker Center and the very nice teh-si-peng(Ice Milk Tea) from the drink stall there. Now is School, seldom go Pasir Panjang Hawker Center and eat breakfast, if not last time, almost everyday I will be there for breakfast.

Spent the whole afternoon, evening and night coding my own new project. Haven’t really think of a name for it yet. It will be a news/blogs publishing system. Some parts will be in OO(Object Oriented). I am still learning OOP(Object Oriented Programming) in php. School used to teach Java in OO, thus I hope I can pick it up quickly as the logic is about the same.

Will be out having lunch with my mom and going to book my first driving practical lesson tomorrow. But I don’t think the practical lesson will take place until mid-June, as I heard that it is almost fully booked. *Nervous*