Woke up before 12pm today, thought that my mom would come and fetch me earlier, but end up waited until 2.30pm. Had lunch at Clementi Hawker Center, love the Wan Ton Mee there. $3 the portion so big.

Went to BBDC(Bukit Batok Driving Center) and wanted to book for my practical lessons. But all the timeslot is full. The next available timeslot will be around July. Somemore one lesson not cheap, add up to around $70 to $80 for 100 minutes. Average we need to take about 25 to 30 lessons. No wonder BBDC is so rich.

Help my mom to send her company accounts for audit after that before going home. Played abit of Warcraft III with Lian after a few days of not touching Warcraft III. Anyway, Warcraft III patch 1.06 is out. This patch patches lots of stuff. I think went Frozen Throne come, it will be 1.07 or 1.08.

Coded the very basic structure of my news class, well I must say OOP is really good. It makes your code design looks much neater although it may take a slightly longer time to process in PHP4. But in PHP5, is a different thing. It is made towards the OO side. =D

Will be going to school for my FYP meeting with my client. Sounds so professional. LOL