Woke up early today, at about 9.30am to meet Lian for an early lunch. Ate the minced pork noodle at Marina Square and proceed to Mos Burger for a drink. Great combination. LOL

Walked around Suntec’s City before proceeding to school for my first FYP meeting. The client was late for about 15 minutes, but it doesn’t really matter. He leaves quite a good first impression on us. Looks young and he has 5 kids already. He speak very fluent English. He also said that we look so enthu about this project. LOL. We will be doing 2 websites for him. 1 is the information website for the parents, the other is for the kids. The websites will be related to Selective Mutism.

Meeting all the way to about 5.15pm. Went to Ngee Ang City with Lian to return her library book and had a light meal again at Mos Burger.

Think will be going to United Square to buy my radio plus portable handsfree attachment for my T610. I heard that the MP3 player attachment will not be out till end of the year. Still got plenty of time to save money. LOL. Temporary get radio to make some noise to my ears. LOL