Had lunch with my mom today before proceeding to United Square to buy my radio plus portable handsfree attachment(HPR-20) for my T610. It costs me $54. LOL. This is the first time I have been to United Square after it undergo a major renovation. Looks so much nicer now. There is a few food stalls at basement 1. Ate Ya Kun Kaya Bread plus 2 half boil eggs plus teh si peng from there for my teabreak. So nice. Especially their eggs. Perfectly done.

Came home, did some programming and played a few rounds of Warcraft III with Lian. My news system stuck at the sticky news thing. Don’t know how to solve. Must think harder.

Tomorrow will be watching Finding Nemo at GV Tampines at 11.30am. After watching it will be going to the PC show exhibition at Expo Hall 5. Anyway, the PC show exhibition starts today and will last till Sunday.