Woke up very early today. 8.30am. LOL. Met Lian at 10am for breakfast at Tampines’s MacDonalds. Ate the Singa porridge. They put so much ginger in it. I think I am eating ginger porridge rather than chicken porridge.

Watched Finding Nemo at 11.30am. Movie lasted about 100 minutes. I like the movie, cool animation, nice storyline and humorous at the same time. Must watched if you are a cartoon lover. But beware of small kids making so much noises like talking in the cinemas.

Went to Expo after that to catch the PC show exhibition. All visitors must go through the thermal scanning due to the recent but over SARS outbreak. I am quite disappointed with this exhibition. There is not much things to see as compared to Sitex 2002 and PC Show 2003. As usual the whole place is crowded with people and most of them went there to take a look and update themselves on IT (like me).

Head on to Changi Airport Terminal 2 after that for lunch at Burger King. Lian told me that the BK outlet there is rumored to have bigger portions. Somehow I agreed to what she say. LOL

Had dinner at Liang Court’s Japanese restaurant because my dad has strike a small amount of lottery. I don’t think he will be giving me money as it is really a small amount. LOL.

My uncle came back from China, as usual he camped almost 2 hours in my room asking me about computers. LOL. He wants to learn it, but guess that no one in the family are free or willing to teach him except me. Further more he dotes me alot, thus it is my duty to teach him. LOL

It is a Saturday tomorrow.