Had minced pork noodle for breakfast/lunch at bestway building. Came home and went out with my uncle again to Singapore Expo to see the PC show exhibition. He wanted to buy digital camera.

It is a Saturday, everywhere was so packed. Take me about 10 minutes to walk from the screening area to the expo hall because there were so much people, we are like pigs queuing up waiting to be slaughtered. LOL

When inside the hall, we had a hard time moving around too. It was so crowded so many aunties, uncles, ah peh and ah soh all inside. More like a family outing to them then seeing a exhibition. As usual, alot of people buy printers, scanners and digital cameras rather than computer. Talking about bad economy. LOL. Sometimes when too crowded see things also not shiok.

Spent about 1 hour inside that see digital cameras. My uncle end up buying a Chinese software for pocket pc, a Canon A70 digital camera and a CP100 card printer. He spent about $1000 there.

Went to Orchard later as he want to buy handphone at Hello@Orchard. He is not rich, but rather he spent without thinking twice whether it is necessary or not. This has to be the most ridiculous thing I have heard. We was told by the counter girl that we need to queue for 90 minutes just to buy a Nokia 7250. This is crazy. We need to queue for 90 minutes just to buy a handphone. End up we just walked away.

Had a ice blended tea from Spinelli, it don’t taste good. Still prefer my banana spin. LOL

Went home after that and at night went to visit my grandfather in Toa Payoh.

Tomorrow is a Sunday, don’t know where my mom want to go. LOL